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10 Insider Tips to Craft the Perfect Email and Impress Everyone!

With the ceaseless need to stay connected, receiving emails has become a part of our daily lives. While we are all aware of the basics – write an eye-catching subject, use emojis, and proofread the email – there are certain techniques which can help your emails stand out from the rest and make an impact on everyone who receives it. This article presents 10 insider tips which can help you craft the perfect email.

1. Create a Link-Friendly Email: As email conversations evolve, various links to external documents, videos, and other sources keep getting exchanged. To ensure that your emails stand out, ensure that you do not forget to hyperlink the URLs.

2. Choose the Right Tone: Depending on the content of the email and the person you are emailing, you should adjust your tone. It can range from friendly and casual to professional and formal, keep it in mind while writing the email.

3. Personalize Your Email: Everyone likes to be acknowledged. So while communicating through an email, do not forget to include the recipient’s name. Also, you can use their previous emails to structure your reply in a personalized manner.

4. Include Attachments Carefully: Before attaching additional documents voluntarily, read the mail once and make sure if its required. Too many unnecessary attachment can land you in spam folder.

5. Keep the Length to a Minimum: Nobody likes to read lengthy emails. Keep your message concise and clear so that readers can quickly digest the content and take further action.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Use of Blanks: Most of us are guilty of using unnecessary blanks in emails. They put an unbearable strain on the eyes of the recipient. Try to avoid too many spaces and thus, keep the email short and simple.

7. Proofread Before Sending: There’s nothing more unprofessional than a grammatical error in an email. Before sending it out, make sure you read the email twice or thrice.

8. Introduce Yourself: Are you contacting someone whom you don’t know? Then, make sure you introduce yourself properly and explain the purpose behind the email.

9. Request Consideration: Don’t just make a request, ask for their consideration in the request. This not only shows politeness but also increases the chances for action to be taken on the email.

10. Use a Closing: Before signing off, thank the reader for considering your email. Also, add an appropriate closing like ‘Warm regards’.

Following these 10 tips can help you create the perfect email and track how your email was received by the recipient. Nevertheless, remember to be genuine and polite in all your emails.

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